My Approach Using beeswax, damar tree resin, oil paint and a torch, a creative and colorful world of encaustic wax comes alive. Heating the medium and watching the colors combine is beautiful and mesmerizing. The process is a mindful way to reconnect.

My Story As a mechanical engineer, I liked working with my hands and in three dimensions. Encaustic art has a similar appeal and provides a way to combine my love of science and art. Time passes quickly when painting and our home is filled with the sweet smell of beeswax. Encaustic painting is one of my favorite forms of moving meditation when I am not outside exploring active adventures or traveling with my family. Melting colored layers and using flame to infuse energy into a painting, the results are sometimes unexpected. I enjoy using and teaching about essential oils and sometimes add a drop to my paintings.


I'm an Artsy Mama who loves to paint. I hope you enjoy my paintings.


cytotec Flame Artist


Painting with fire is amazing.

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